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Yale Digital Safes

The Yale Digital Safe range combines the most advanced digital technology and materials to provide:


• Immediate access to valuables using keypad/PIN technology

Yale Digital Safes widen the range of your valuables. You can now protect those valuables that you usually leave out in the open, including credit cards or those items that are meaningful and unique to you, such as personal diaries, love letters and more.


• Access valuables in the dark

This digital safe range offers an easy-to-read backlit display and extra-bright LED interior lighting to give you convenient access to your valuables in a completely dark environment.


• Comprehensive protection against fire, humidity and burglary

Yale Digital Safes can now secure a wider range of valuables from both immediate and long-term damage. They protect expensive items such as jewelry, and also preserve temperature- and humidity-sensitive belongings such as digital devices and paper documents.

Fire Safes

All Yale Fire Safes are thoroughly tested by both internal laboratories and external testing institutes to withstand intense heat and humidity. These fire safes contain an additional "safe within a safe" insulation layer to resist most fire hazards, and are specially designed to protect extra-sensitive digital data on external hard-drives, CD ROMs, DVDs and tapes.

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