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Yale residential locks 

Yale architectural door hardware range features the finest quality door lever handles, door hinges, door viewers, door guards and door chains. Yale takes an innovative approach to traditional architectural door hardware by creating an extensive range of finishes that both meet the expectations of today’s modern living and provide additional security around door lock areas.


Mortise Locks

The Strongest Lock on the Door
Yale Mortise locks are specified for architectural use with the highest security level among any other locks that meet European and ANSI standards. Our mortise lock cases series are widely applicable to doors of any thickness, or any door materials such as wood, metal, glass; providing different functions including passage, privacy or entrance. These mortise lock cases can fit with a wide range of cylinders, door knobs and door lever handles, and can be used in anywhere including at home, in the office and at school.

RIm Locks

Yale rim locks offer an economical and easy way to secure your door. These rim locks are designed with classic and modern styling, fitting different decorative needs and with both latch and bolt to provide excellent security for residential applications. This surface mounted rim lock range is easy to install and is engineered to meet today's standards of strength, security and durability.

Door Handlesets

Door Handle-Sets
Yale Door Handle-sets - Masterpieces at the Front Door
Yale Door Handle-sets satisfy all front entries needs, combining the ultimate in entrance door security with stylish design. All Yale door handle-sets offer the most secure American Standard (ANSI), meeting the highest level of key operated security and industry standard quality. These door handle-sets are pieces of art, accentuating your door with classic, elegant or contemporary styles, that your guests will be certain to notice.

Door Leversets

Yale door lever handle-sets offer both convenience and comfort when opening a door. Available in a set of two sided lever handles and a latch lock, Yale lever handle-sets are economical and easy to install. Different security levels support a large variety of applications. These door lever handles can be used in internal and front doors in residential or light duty commercial areas usually pairing with a Yale deadbolt.


Yale deadbolts are the ideal choice for complementary door security. These deadbolts are widely applied on front doors, with keyed knobs and lever handles, but can also be used in less security required spots such as shed doors. Yale deadbolt series come in two styles, a door cylinder with thumbturn or double cylinders on both sides, with different security levels for use in residential, commercial or instuitional applications.

Door Knobs

Yale door knob-sets are designed in a variety of shapes to provide comfortable door opening solutions that fit your hands. These door knobs are ideal choice for economical users, offering a range of security levels, from heavy duty, to medium to standard, that support a wide range of functions from entrance to internal use. Yale door knobs also feature modern designs with a variety of finishes to suit most décor needs.

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